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PHYSIOTHERAPY – Physiotherapists are highly qualified health professionals that work with their patients to help them get better and stay well. Physiotherapy helps repair damage to the body, minimize pain and stiffness, improve mobility as well as quality of life. For more information click here.

EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY –Exercise Physiologists are Allied Health professionals that are highly educated to be able to use the benefits of exercise to treat patients with a medical condition through exercise or to achiever a higher level of fitness for better health. For more information click here.

REMEDIAL MASSAGE – Remedial Massage Therapists perform a systematic assessment and treatment for the patient’s muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue. This is done is such a way to assist the body with pain, injury and rehabilitation. For more information click here.

PILATES – Pilates is a form of exercise directed by a qualified instructor, it engages mind as well as the body in conscious and deliberate activity to improve inner strength and balance throughout. During the systematic exercises the body works from the inside out which develops all the muscles in the body, internal and external, as apposed to the more obvious and larger muscles. For more information click here.