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Select Health Group is here to restore and maintain your physical health and well being. Be assured that your health is our main concern and know we are here to bring about the relief of pain by treating the cause not just the symptoms. We will spend one-on-one time with you and provide you with self management techniques.

Our practice understands the uniqueness of your problem. Your concerns will be addressed and personalised treatment options provided by taking the time to listen to you.

Your account of the history, your theory about the cause of your pain, your thoughts on treatment, your treatment experience and your expectations are all important factors that we take into consideration. Only through a thorough examination can we accurately diagnose your problem and plan treatment. Taking into consideration all the information you provide we will then discuss our findings with you.

Our team removes any mystery by advising on diagnosis, further treatment requirements, recovery expectations, time frames and cost estimates.
Each practitioner will determine the safest and most effective treatment approach, personalised to your problem, lifestyle and preferences.

We will treat the cause of your pain, as well as the symptoms and always work cooperatively with you; As well as your health team to coordinate optimal multi-disciplinary care.
Most importantly we listen to you and appreciate your feedback, to make sure that together we have you on the right track to recovery.